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Choosing to forgo the services of several interior design firms, the owners of an authentic axe throwing lounge in Halifax put their trust in my ability to provide a guiding eye in the build of their second location, Timber Lounge Moncton. The result is a warm, handcrafted interior that pays tribute to the rich heritage of log drives and timber sports while providing guests with an immersive experience like no other.

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The floors were painted by hand and treated with a durable

epoxy coating. This helped to define the sections, as well as the company, its roots set generations deep in the forest industry. 

As tradespeople completed their tasks my focus turned to complimenting the warm glow of the wood , advising on lighting, materials and other elements as I sanded and finished pieces for the carpenters to work with. Walls and ceilings were painted as sections were readied and with great anticipation

the murals were finally created, each setting a distinct tone for an area while providing a balanced theme for this two-hundred seat, axe throwing lounge.

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